It is with great sadness that, after 15 years of advancing health care improvement and patient engagement in B.C., ImpactBC (previously the Healthy Heart Society of B.C.) will close its doors on October 31, 2015. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us on this journey. Your support and commitment have made the successes possible and the challenges easier to bear.

From the beginning, we have promoted authentic engagement with patient partners as paramount in improving health care. Using evidence-based quality improvement and public engagement techniques, we brought the public, government and health care providers together to collaborate on change.

Over the years, as the organization took on different forms, it was guided by a board that was able to grow and adapt as needed. And through it all, we accomplished so much that we are proud of:

In 2003 we delivered one of the first structured learning collaboratives in B.C. Today we continue to support this grass-roots improvement technique by providing coaching and leadership to the provincial Child & Youth Mental Health and Substance Use collaborative.

In 2009 we partnered with the Institute for Health Care Improvement to bring the Tenth Annual International Summit on Redesigning the Clinical Office Practice to Vancouver. This was the first time such an event had been hosted in British Columbia, and it raised the profile of quality improvement work with the British Columbia Medical Association (now Doctors of BC).

Since its creation in 2010, our Patient Voices Network has grown and flourished. This community-based network has grown to more than 1,850 patient partners throughout the province, and has connected health care providers and stakeholders with invaluable patient input on improvement projects. Over the years the network truly became a genuine platform for patient engagement. 

It is the relationships with our partners that we will miss most. The dedicated individuals throughout the province who continue to seek a better way forward; who insist on patient representation throughout the improvement process; and, who work every day to make the health care system a little better. We would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who have sustained the organization over the years.

We championed the “nothing about me without me” perspective in a health care system where the patient voice has too often been overlooked, and our volunteers and staff made themselves heard.

Best wishes and warm regards to all,

Sue Iles, Chair of the Board, ImpactBC
Haydn Pritchard, Past Chair of Healthy Heart Society and Co-Founder of ImpactBC
Diane Miller, Chief Executive Officer, ImpactBC